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Scrap Your Car For Cash At Mazza Iron & Steel

Mazza Iron & Steel is a major East Coast exporter of recycled metals. This includes scrap metal from demolition but also from scrapping junk cars! At Mazza, we have a state of the art shredder for processing light iron and junk cars. Best part? We will give you cash for your junk car! Feel free to contact us for a quote, then we will come take your junk car off your hands! In addition, we buy catalytic converters We strive to give you competitive pricing!

The Value of Junk Car Recycling

While getting cash for your junk car is a great benefit to you, recycling cars is also great for the environment. Helping the environment ultimately benefits everyone – a win-win decision! How exactly does recycling your end of life car help the environment? It helps save on energy, it reduces the amount of materials going into landfills and decreases the need to mine for raw materials.

Recycling in general requires significantly less energy use than it does to manufacture a product from new materials. Producing new materials, such as steel, comes with the side effects of pollution, greenhouse gases and burning coal. Recycling requires less fuel thus cutting down on the pollution. By scrapping your junk car your making money but also helping cut back on the environmental impact of manufacturing.

If end of life cars aren’t recycled then that means they likely end up in landfills. Landfills contaminate soil and litter the planet. A car in a landfill isn’t helping anyone, but by selling your junk car your making a difference. Not only does it keep your clunker from being wasted in a landfill but recycling it benefits the economy too. Many small businesses rely on recycled metals, which is more affordable. Being able to get their metals cheaper means they can also make their products