What can you do with a junk car?

Perhaps you have a car, it’s old and you don’t drive it anymore, but it’s just sitting there taking up space in your driveway. What can you do with a junk car? You can try to give it to someone else to fix it, but there is no guarantee anyone will want it even for free. You can donate it, which gives you a tax write off but there is an option that not only gets rid of your junk car but also puts cash in your pocket. If you sell your car to a scrap yard, you’ll get money for it and the old junk car will be responsibly recycled. A win-win right? Here is everything you need to know when you decide to junk a car.

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What do you need

to junk your car?

Everything you should do before selling it.

So before you take your car anywhere you’ll want to make sure you don’t leave any personal belongings in it. Make sure you fully clean it out so you don’t accidentally lose something forever. Next, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper paperwork, a reputable scrap yard will want proof you own the car and that everything is legal. If you have the title that is the easiest to prove ownership and transfer ownership to the dealer so you are completely clean of any responsibility to that car. If you don’t have the title then a registration and driver’s license will be enough to prove that it is your car.

Your next step is to remove the license plates since plates are still useful even if the car isn’t. Then you’ll want to cancel the title and insurance, that way you are not paying for or responsible for a car that is about to be recycled. The DMV might ask for the license plates when you go to cancel the title, so that is another reason to remove them before selling it.

Now that you’ve prepared yourself and the car, you have to find a licensed, reputable junk car dealer with the best quote. You want to make sure that the scrap yard your selling to is going to actually pay you and responsibly recycle your old car. It’s always a good idea to do some research so you can feel confident about who you’re selling to and the deal they are giving you.

Once you find a scrap yard to sell your junk car to, you’ll set a pick-up time. There may be some paperwork depending on the local laws. At pickup, they’ll give you the money and take the car away to be recycled. If you didn’t before they picked up the car, then you should make sure you are squared away with the DMV and your insurance company.

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How much is a junk car worth?


All the factors that go into deciding a car’s worth.

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding how much your junk car is worth. Metal prices can vary over time and by location. The year, make, model and condition of your car are also major factors. It’s ok if the car isn’t suitable for driving, it can still be worth something. According to sites such as Kelly Blue Book and others say junk car princes for the year 2020 can range from $50 at lowest to $20,000 at highest. Most cars will end up being worth around $100 to $500. Be sure to do some research for your area and car specifics to get a better idea of how much money you should get from the dealer.

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What happens when

you junk a car?


The process of how junk cars are recycled.

You sold your car and you have the money but then what happens? For you, nothing. The rest is what the dealer has to do. The first step for the scrap yard is to remove the VIN number of your car, that way no one can do anything shady with that car. It’ll be public knowledge that this junk car was in a scrapyard. Once that is taken care of then the car is inspected. If it is worth it to repair it then the dealer will go through that process. If it is deemed more useful being scrapped then the process of recycling begins.

For cars being recycled, the next step is to remove all liquids from the car. Oils, gas, antifreeze, and lubricants should never be in a car when they crush and shred it for metal. Many of these fluids can be cleaned and reused, while others need to be processed and properly disposed of.
Then the dealer dismantles the car of any valuable parts. The engine, transmission, tires, and batteries are usually removed for resale or recycling depending on their condition. Any parts that can be still used are recovered as well. The last thing to do is to crush and shred what’s left of the car so that metals can be separated and sold. This is all very important because recycling metals means less mining is needed. Less mining is better for the environment and economy.

Your junk car that used to just take space in your driveway ends going through a process that will eventually turn it into something new! Even the oldest of cars can still be useful to the world.